Welcome to the last white spot on Earth!
This is the Arctic. A world of breathtaking beauty and strength on top of our planet. Your mouse is the sledge!

9 times as much below the surface Adventures of Ice and Snow
Icebergs in all shapes and sizes. Dramatic glaciers and an endless ice cap. Winter sports all year round. Clear Arctic air.

With only 55,000 inhabitants, Greenland offers space and a challenge for hikers. For anglers. For kayak. For mountain climbers and mountain bikers.

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Welcome to the last white spot on Earth!
This is the travel guide to Greenland: Know-how, travel information, ideas and offers.
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You can get very close to humpback whales

Our fauna: Large whales, seals and walruses. Musk oxen, reindeers and polar bears. The animals of the Arctic!

Here it's not just a matter of getting from A to B. Flying in Greenland is a stunning experience. Cruising Greenland is no less impressive, you're in the sea of icebergs and whales.

Flying in Greenland is a stunning experience

What a joy!

Hunters and ice fishermen in Greenland still rely of the dog-sledge rather than the snowscooter. Be their guest - driving dog-sledge is an experience of a lifetime!

During the Arctic summer the sun never sets. In the autumn, the winter and the spring northern lights sweep across the dark sky above snow-covered mountains.

The light of the midnight sun

The bike comes later

The ancient culture is still alive: Inuit drum dance, kayak performance and colourful national costumes. Arts and crafts have developed over generations.

From the national tourist board
From the tourist board. Go here to find in-depth guides, useful addresses in Greenland, regional maps and hiking maps. A press section contains high-resolution photos for free downloading. We also keep a world list of travel agencies that offer tours to Greenland.

The key to airlines and cruise lines, to travel agencies and to hotels in Greenland.

A brief introduction to the regions and towns in Greenland, including links to local tourist offices.

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