Greenland Guide features hundreds of photos of the breathtaking Arctic scenery and the unique way of living in this country.
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You will also find special photo collections about Ice and Snow, Outdoor Life, Dog-sledge and Culture and History.
Don't miss the incredible photos from inside the icecap!

The old Danish names for the towns in Greenland:

Qaanaaq: Thule
Pituffik: Thule Air Base
Upernavik: Upernavik
Uummannaq: Umanak
Qeqertarsuaq: Godhavn
Ilulissat: Jakobshavn
Qasigiannguit: Christianshaab
Aasiaat: Egedesminde
Kangaatsiaq: Kangatsiak
Kangerlussuaq: Søndre Strømfjord (US: Sondrestrom)
Sisimiut: Holsteinsborg
Maniitsoq: Sukkertoppen
Nuuk: Godthaab
Paamiut: Frederikshaab
Kangilinnguit: Grønnedal
Narsaq: Narsaq
Qaqortoq: Julianehaab
Nanortalik: Nanortalik
Ammassalik: Angmagssalik
Tasiilaq: Angmagssalik
Ittoqqortoormiit: Scoresbysund

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