VIKING Polar Cruise Series
(blue series)

The six maps in this series cover the areas where the VIKINGS set their footprints during the 500 years starting in 982 A.D.

Map No. 1: South Greenland
Map No. 2: Ivigtut to Nuuk
Map No. 3: Nuuk to Kangerlussuaq/Søndre Strømfjord
Map No. 4: Kangerlussuaq/Sdr. Strømfjord to The Disko Bay
Map No. 5: The Disko Bay
Map No. 6: Upernavik
Map No. 7: Qaanaaq / Thule
Map No. 8: Saqqisikuik / Skjoldungen
Map No. 9: Tasiilaq / Angmagssalik
Map No. 10: Kangerlussuaq / Gunnbjørns Fjeld - Hvitserk
Map No. 11: Kangertittivaq / Scorebysund Fjord
Map No. 12: Kejser Franz Joseph Fjord / Ella Ø - Daneborg
Special Map No. 2½: Nuuk









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