Angling equipment

Greenland shark can be big, but in most cases you can manage with relatively light tackle. Bring a 50-pound-class stand-up gear, a multiplier in size of Shimano Tiagra 50 or Penn 6/O with 80-120 pound superbraid or 0,60 mm nylon line, along with a good harness and rod belt. The multiplier reel must hold a suitable line capacity not less than 600 metres.

Use 25-foot leaders with heavy wire. Midway down, and splice the leader with a swivel so it can run a sliding sinker on the upper half. The inserted coupling, which is what the swivel is in reality, stops the line kinking during the fishing. Add a Cyalume lightstick. Choose a single hook of size 10/O-12/O, which is baited with whale meat, seal blubber, pieces of fish or rotten meat. When fishing in deep water spun line (Dacron), Kevlar line or wire line is an advantage, since it gives greater sensitivity with the first cautious bite. On the illustration you see the leader which is accepted by IGFA-rules.
Beware: It is not possible to buy special equipment in Uummannaq for the shark angling.

The Greenland shark often resides in fixed locations it resides. Therefore we will pre-feed (chum) before and during the event. To this purpose an old potato sack is used with freshly meshed fish, whale oil, seal blubber or fish oil - just what wets the Greenland shark's appetite. The pre-feed in the potato sack is lowered down together with the anchor to a depth of 200-600 metres or more. Here the content of the sack is slowly washed out into the water, forming a scent, which attracts the shark. In order for the scent to remain constant a new portion of pre-feed should be prepared after a couple of hours' fishing.
Record catches
Record catches will be weighed at the local Royal Greenland fishing plant. Smaller sharks will be measured and weighed on the ice, tagged and released. The organisers support catch and release.






We support catch and release angling


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