High Arctic

The shark angling takes place in the beautiful arctic winter in March, framed by the stunning arctic nature scenery of Uummannaq, Greenland.
The scenery in Uummannaq is big and dramatic and just like you would imagine the arctic world. In the summer 7 large glaciers in the bottom of the deep Uummannaq fjord toss great icebergs into the sea. In December, the fjord freezes and the enormous icebergs look like ices cubes in the size of a tower block, forming a random and dramatic landscape on the smooth fjord ice which is from 0,5-1 meter thick.

Ummannaq is a beautiful and friendly town to visit with a genuine greenlandic atmosphere, situated 590 km north of the Arctic Circle. The town has a population of approximately 2.800 including the 7 settlements and approx. 3.000 sledge dogs. Behind the town raises the landmark of Ummannaq - a big heart-shaped mountain 1,170 metres high made of basement gneiss rising upward in whorls of black, white and red, changing colour from moment to moment. Santa Claus is believed to have his summer quarters up here! Fishing and hunting are the main occupations of the town and its seven surrounding settlements.

Uummannaq has a very stable climate. In both summer and winter there is often a fixed area of high pressure over the region, which results in settled and still weather. Avg. temperatures Celsius (93): February -22.2, March -25.9 April -12.2, May -2.8. The climate feels considerably warmer because of the dry air and strong sunlight. From April there are 18 hours of daylight in Uummannaq.
Sharkangling on your own with a local fisherman/hunter
If you are interested in arranging your own individual shark angling/icefishing tour to Uummannaq - please contact: for further info. Angling from the ice is possible from February to mid of April (the icesituation can vary from year to year).Pricelevel: approx the same as participation in the sharkhchallenge week

Other challenges in the area
Uummannaq is the hometown of the recognized World Ice Golf Championship - that is held every year in the end of March. Extreme top golfers from all over the world plays the championship on the seaice between the spectacular icebergs











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