About the Greenland shark

Greenland sharks reside at depths from 400-600 metres during the winter. The Greenland shark is a brown shark and widespread in several of the major fjord systems. They are Greenland's largest fish and may be up to 6.5 metres in length and more than 600 kilo in weight.
There is no industrial fishing for shark in Uummannaq. But beyond the local commercial fishermen tales are documented incidents of 1,800-pound Greenland sharks, which have been landed with their stomachs and mouths, filled with hooks. They start at one end of the long lines that local fishermen put out for Greenland halibut and munch their way up the line until they finally get stuck. Consequently the presence of sharks is as an actual fact a problem for the fishermen. Still the organisers of "The Greenland Shark Challenge" support catch and release and this will be promoted and imposed among foreign anglers in Ummannaq unless the shark is clearly a record-breaking fish.
The Greenland shark - a mystery for biologists
Biologists have only limited knowledge about the Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus). It is widely distributed along Greenland's coast and in its fjords, throughout the Arctic Ocean into the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Gulf of Maine. The species can grow to well over 20 feet and 2 tons, though commercial fishermen claim to have landed them even larger, and they are easily the largest Arctic fish. The Greenland shark's sense of smell is acute. Its teeth are relatively small but scalpel-sharp.
The largest sharks in the world
Whale sharks - 60 feet
Basking shark - 45 feet
White shark - 26 feet
Tiger shark - 24 feet
Greenland sharks - 21 feet
Blue shark - 21 feet
Greater hammerhead - 20 feet
Thresher sharks - 20 feet
Largest IGFA catched sharks
According to the International Game Fish Association, the top all-tackle, world-record game-sharks by weight:
Great white shark - 2,664 pounds
Greenland shark - 1,709 pounds
Tiger shark - 1,780 pounds
Mako shark - 1,115 pounds
Six-gilled shark - 1,069 pounds
Hammerhead shark - 991 pounds.
These record game fish are not the largest known examples of their species, just the largest caught using IGFA rules.






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