March 2019
The sun has returned to all of Greenland now. For many weeks only the moon, the stars and the northern lights have illuminated the winter darkness. Now the sun lights up the endless white cover of snow and ice, and the time is perfect for winter activities.


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The Igdlo Village in Kangerlussuaq

March and April are perfect for dog-sledge driving. The sea is frozen, the sun has returned, the landscape is covered with snow. The hunters and the fishermen rely on the dog-sledge during this season, and many tourists visit Greenland to experience dog-sledding. The often come back for another ride.
Many Greenlanders enjoy skiing - as conditions can't be found much better anywhere - and some are very busy preparing for the Arctic Circle Race: A three days cross-country race regarded as the toughest in the world.
In Kangerlussuaq visitors to Greenland have the opportunity to visit the icecap.
In Ilulissat the guests at Hotel Arctic enjoy the view to the UNESCO World heritage Icefjord from both rooms and restaurant. The hotel website is available not only in Greenlandic, English and Danish language, but also in Chinese and German language.
March is almost as cold as February. In Ilulissat in the Disko Bay area the average temperature this month is -19.2 degrees Celsius (-2.5 degrees Fahrenheit), but due to the very dry air you don't really feel it that cold.

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