February 2019
The sun will return to the northern parts of Greenland during this month. For many weeks only the moon, the stars and the northern lights have illuminated the winter darkness. Now the sun will light up the endless white cover of snow and ice.


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February is the coldest month of the year. In Ilulissat in the Disko Bay area the average temperature this month is -21,9 degrees Celsius (-7.4 degrees Fahrenheit), but due to the very dry air you don't really feel it that cold.
February, March and April are the best months for dog-sledge driving. The sea is frozen, the sun has returned, the landscape is covered with snow. The hunters and the fishermen rely on the dog-sledge during this season. Tourists visit Greenland to experience dog-sledding - and many later come back for another ride.
Skiing is a popular winter activity in Greenland. Inhabitants all over Greenland take advantage of the perfect conditions, and skiers from abroad come here to take part in what is probable the toughest race in the World in Sisimiut.

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