December 2018
Greenland is the host of Santa Claus, and Christmas adds a certain magic to December in this country. Children from all over the World write "Santa Claus, Greenland".
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The mail box outside Santa's post office in Nuuk, Greenland
A dog-sledge ride - a must in a lifetime!
Winter in East Greenland

Most children send their wishing list for Christmas gifts - but many also expres their hopes for the future of our planet to Santa Claus of Greenland.
As a close neighbour to the North Pole, Greenland has little or no daylight at all this time of the year. North of the Polar Circle the sun doesn't rise at all, and in the southern parts of Greenland the sun is only visible briefly. But luminated Christmas stars decorate all windows in public buildings, in shops and in private homes.
Every town in Greenland has a luminated Christmas tree on a hill or a mountain and there's Christmas trees in most homes. As the Arctic climate doesn't allow trees to grow in Greenland the Christmas trees arrive Greenland by ship from Denmark.
Approx 10,000 Greenlanders live in Denmark, and one of the most popular tv-shows during the year is a special Greenlandic-Danish coproduction "Christmas Greetings from Denmark/from Greenland". Since 1932 this show has been broadcasted from Denmark to Greenland - first as radio, later as tv.
The outdoor winter activities in Greenland are cross-country skiing as well as downhill skiing, riding snowscooter - and dog-sledging, of course.
Greenland hosts several international winter events, one of them is the Arctic Circle Race for cross country skiers.

The church in Qaanaaq, North Greenland
In Ilulissat in the Disko Bay area the average temperature this month is -14.2 degrees Celsius (6.44 degrees Fahrenheit). January, February and March are colder.

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