September 2018
Whales are often seen very close to the coast this time of the year. It's not unusual to spot the big mammals even in the harbour area. As many houses in Greenland have a view to the sea, one can actually enjoy whale watching during the dinner!
  A minke whale outside the harbour

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Cruise ships call Greenland even in September
Zodiacs bring cruise passengers ashore on remote places
Two of the more than 3,000 musk oxen in Kangerlussuaq
The northern lights

Tourist offices in several towns offer whale watching tours by boat, and in the late summer and early autumn the chances of seeing humpback whales, minke whales and other species are very high.
September 28 the 31 members of the Greenland Parliament will start the autumn session expected to conclude late November. As a self-government system within the Kingdom of Denmark the parliament and government of Greenland exercise full legislative power within most areas of life, with currency and foreign policy as the major exceptions.
The midnight sun has gone for this year even in the northernmost part of Greenland and the night sky is dark now. Then you can often see the northern lights across the night sky, like a flapping curtain of white, green, red and yellow light.
Young tourists enjoy angling
The blow from a minke whale
September usually brings the first snow in most of Greenland. As the average temperatures in September are still above zero degrees Celsius the snow melts quickly - except on the mountains. The mountaintops are white most places before the end of September.

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