June 2018
It's light around the clock now and most of Greenland enjoys the midnight sun. The Arctic Tern has arrived from Antartica to breed in Greenland. Humpback whales have returned to our coasts from their winter resort in the Caraibian.
Summer in Ammassalik

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A humpback whale outside Nuuk
Some cruise ships bring zodiacs
The airport in Kangerlussuaq
Some climb into the ice cap

The permanent light makes flowers and plants grow rapidly. The landscape turns green. This is the season that all living beings looked forward to during the winter darkness.
The cruise season started in May with the first cruise ships along the coast. The first international cruise ship calls Greenland in June, and during the summer foreign cruise ships are expected to call ports in Greenland more than 100 times.
From June through August Air Greenland expands their flight schedules between Denmark and Greenland to match the summer season, with flights from Copenhagen to both Kangerlussuaq and Narsarsuaq. Air Greenland also has flights between Keflavik in Iceland and Nuuk and Ilulissat in Greenland several times a week.
Air Iceland has flights fra Reykjavik to Ilulissat, Nuuk, Narsarsuaq and Kulusuk.
The Air Greenland summer route between Iqaluit, Canada, and Nuuk has been terminated. There are no directs flights from North America to Greenland. You need to fly via Copenhagen or Keflavik.
Travellers arrive on guided tours or on their own. Groups travel from town to town, backpackers hike through the breathtaking scenaries for weeks, mountainclimbers head for the ultimate challenges in the very south and the east, while anglers tend to prefer the streams on the west coast.
The Greenlandic flag in Aasiaat
Youth in national costumes
June 21st is Greenland's national day - and the brightest day of the year up here. People gather in every town and settlement to celebrate the day with processions, food and music and dance all through the light night.

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