4,500 years ago, the first Inuits came to Greenland from the American continent. Prehistoric finds and many ruins are hard evidence that hunters and trappers have lived here in the Uummannaq area for thousands of years.
The traditional hunter society developed and adapted to the cycles of its prey. Places such as Uummannaq are where dog sledging, kayaking and crafts have been perfected through the generations.
In the 17th and 18th centuries, many Europeans came to Greenland to hunt whales, A number of whaling stations were established around Uummannaq but failed to thrive and survive.
In the wake of the whalers, came traders and missionaries and in 1759, the colony of Uummannaq was established - rich in archeological and historical remains, In those days, subsistence was exclusively due to hunting and trapping, usually from dog sledge or kayak. The inhabitants lived in small earthen huts. Much has happened since them, but in many ways, life is still lived as it was before the missionaries and traders came to Greenland.
It is still the sea that provides subsistence for the people of Uummannaq. For some years, mining was an important source of income and for nearly 20 years - up until 1990 - the lead and zinc mine at Maarmorilik was a major employer.
Today, halibut fishing has overtaken the catch of land and sea mammals, yet even now, fishermen and trappers venture out on their dog sledges, cut a one meter-deep hole in the ice by hand and then lower their longlines, with between 100-200 hooks into the water. When transporting the fish from the outlying settlements to the high-tech factory in Uummannaq, it's back to the 21st century.





Uummannaq Tourist Service
C/o Hotel Uummannaq
3961 Uummannaq
Tel: +299 95 15 18
Fax: +299 95 12 62



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