Uummannaq's complex of fjords is a labyrinth of majestic islands with massive peaks and vertical cliffs, that can rise sheer up from the water to heights of 2,000 meters or more.
The district is one of the wonders of the world, where the most glaciers are found within one place. There are 10 highly productive glaciers on the inland ice, which every summer release hundreds of icebergs into the open sea, and the town is almost always surrounded by icefields. One of the glaciers is the fastest-moving in the world, achieving 5.7 kilometers per year.
A varied bird and animal life around the islands has for centuries given the ideal conditions for hunting and trapping. Thousands of fulmars breed here and the seas are often home to fin whales, nar whales, white whales, mink whales, killer whales and humpback whales.
For anyone interested in geology, and for that matter, any other visitors, the surrounding area with its sparse arctic vegetation and bare hills fascinating. The Uummannaq district is like a giant mosaic, composed of varied and complicated geological formations. Geologists have worked here for more than 200 years to decipher the innumerable pieces of the mosaic and understand their many facets.
The Uummannaq area has a stable, dry arctic climate with lots of sunshine winter and summer - a total of around 2000 hours per year in fact. About 100 mm of precipitation falls per year, which means that the area is spared the nuisance of mosquitoes. During the coldest months, of February and March, the temperature can drop to minus 25 or more, whilst temperatures of plus 8 - 12 are normal in the summer, and thanks to the dry air, the climate feels warmer than the thermometer actually shows. In Uummannaq, it is dark around the clock from 7 November until 23 January, but on the other hand, the midnight sun shines from 16 May until 28 July.





Uummannaq Tourist Service
C/o Hotel Uummannaq
3961 Uummannaq
Tel: +299 95 15 18
Fax: +299 95 12 62



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