Group and ad-hoc tours
Individual events for groups
Uummannaq Tourist Service can organise individual tours for groups, including: Sea fishing, sailing, shark fishing, hiking, kayaking, folk dancing and entertainment, with a choir. Individual tours over several days by dog sledge or boat can be arranged. We have two boats with space for up to 22 passengers, and can also offer rental of snowmobiles and car transport on the sea ice during the winter. Contact us for further details and prices.
Mountaineering support
The surrounding area is ideal for mountaineering and climbing. In Uummannaq we have the highest mountains in Western Greenland. Information and maps are available from Uummannaq Tourist Service.
There are truly exciting diving sites in this area and we can offer charter of approved passenger boats for diving expeditions.
Arranged by the Tourist office. In the summer, trolling from a boat and in the winter/spring through a hole in the ice.
Fishing permits can be bought at Uummannaq Tourist Service,
1 month EUR 30/DKK 200
3 months EUR 70/DKK 500




Uummannaq Tourist Service
C/o Hotel Uummannaq
3961 Uummannaq
Tel: +299 95 15 18
Fax: +299 95 12 62



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